Troop 460 Strong Values, Strong Leaders


    Feb. 19 Grange Hall Game Night

    Feb. 28 Troop Meeting & TCM

    Mar. 5 Merit Badge Day

    Mar. 7 PLC 6:30 PM

    Mar. 10 District Roundtable 7PM

    Mar. 18-20 Pre-Camporee

    Mar. 28 Troop Meeting & TCM

    April 2 Archery Day

    April 4 PLC 6:30 PM

    April 9 El Dorado Trail Bike Ride & Ice Cream

    April 11-17 Spring Break

    April 22-24 Camporee

    April 25 Troop Meeting & TCM

    Dec. 13: COH & Potluck 6:30 PM

    Dates to Watch For:

    Check our calendar for more details!

    Wood Badge

    New Online Training Coming Soon

    To reach our troop, contact our Committee Chairman,
    Sandra McGinnis at: or 530.622.6103.

    For issues with our website, contact Karen Rich at

    If you are an Eagle Scout Candidate, check this list when inviting dignitaries to your Court of Honor





District Updates

Second Thursday of the month 
Time: 7:00 pm
Foothills Church
2380 Merrychase Dr. Cameron Park, CA

The Eagle Advancement Seminar is held at the monthly Round Table meeting the third Thursday of each month at 7PM at 89 Scholar Way, Folsom, CA 95630
Council and National no longer supply Eagle packets. So all Scouts attending the Life-to-Eagle seminars are expected to print off their documentation ahead of time. Please make sure all Life Scouts print the following documents and bring with them

Eagle Scout Rank application(print this in color)
Eagle Scout Project Workbook
Youth Protection
Follow this link to take the updated course for Youth Protection due October 2018. There is also a manual for this course available at this link. This link will take you to the Child Welfare Information Gateway. If you are a BSA member, you can contact Scouts First at
844-SCOUTS1 (844-726-8871). This information is also available at
Golden Empire Council Newsletters are available here on their website. Each issue has a great deal of info from the council.
Bryan on Scouting This is a great blog from Scouting Magazine. Warning: You may get side-tracked reading these wonderful articles.
Scouting Magazine If you're a new member and want to see back issues, or you've misplaced your current issue, check out this link to the huge warehouse of information.
Philmont Scout Ranch If you are interested in BSA's largest National High Adventure Base and National Training Center, then this is the website for you.
Family Scouting The new program to serve today's families in Scouting.

Troop Cookbook

The recipes for the troop cookbook will be on the Camping page until it becomes necessary to move them elsewhere. Will keep you informed.

Covid 19 Update

Eagle Rank and Summit\Quartermaster Award extensions and Michelle Pisias and the National Office Covid-19 Response. There is also some articles on Scouting Wire at:
How to Conduct Boards of Review Through Videoconferencing
Good Turns During the Coronavirus

Join Troop 460

Scouts BSA

If you'd like more information about our troop, or would like to check us out at one of our weekly scout meetings at the Pleasant Valley Community Hall (Mondays at 7pm), please call Scott or Sandra at 530.622.6103.

Also, check out our flyer to be printed and shared with anyone interested in the troop.

Syncing your Calendar

Now that our calendar is Google-based, you can sync it with your own calendar. Check out the link for help: Sync Calendar with a Mobile Device   


Community Repairs Dunk Tank

Thanks to our persistent scouts and the gifted businesses of our community, our Dunk tank is now looking much better! Thank you to :

Power Tools and Scouting

Scouts have been told they are not allowed to use power tools on service projects. However, according to Safe Scouting information, there are now guidelines allowing scouts to use some tools. For more information, check out this link to a list of age appropriate tool use. For other general safety FAQs, check out this link to safe scouting.

What is NYLT?

Through activities, events, games, and adventures, NYLT participants will work and play hard together as they put into action the best Scouting has to offer. The Scout will learn that leadership requires a vision, goals and planning; learn the stages of team development; and he will leave with a “toolbox” of leadership skills. This National Youth Leadership Training was developed by the Boy Scouts of America and is being offered by the Greater Yosemite Council for our youth leaders.

Scouting recognizes that Scoutmasters have the primary responsibility for training their youth leaders. The purpose of NYLT is not to assume that role, but rather to enhance and support the Scoutmaster’s role. NYLT is a 6-day-long (Monday thru Saturday) training that features instruction in skills that can be used at home, at school, on the job, and, in particular, at the Scout unit level. We invite you to select your best Scouts, with an emphasis on all your unit leaders, especially your future Senior Patrol Leaders, Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders, and Patrol Leaders to attend NYLT.

For a Boy Scout to be considered for participation, he must be:


New Terminology to Refer to Girls in Scouts BSA

Check out this article to properly welcome girls into our program

5 Merit Badges Connected with School Activities

With school in progress, homework sometimes takes a back seat to advancement. However, it doesn't need to; simply check out the link at

Wood Badge

This course is closed for the year, but watch for details on next year's courses.

New Online Training

Every Scout deserves a trained leaders.  Trained leaders help make the Scouting programs the best they can be.  Scouts who have the best programs are more engaged and more likely to stay in Scouting.

Have you started the online training for your leadership position but have not finished yet?  Changes are coming soon to the online training programs.  Anyone who has not completed the current training by January 1st will need to start over when the new training is released.  Complete your training now.

Access training

Training information

Simple Steps to Safe Walking

This was in Via magazine (AAA) Summer 2018 page 16:

Traffic Safety is a two-way street. Just as motorists have a duty to drive responsibly, pedestrians owe it to themselves--and others--to do their part.

SEE AND BE SEEN Never assume that a driver will see you and stop. Make eye contact with motorists before crossing an intersection to ensure that you've been noticed. In any low-visibility scenario, wear bright or reflective clothing. Carry a flashlight at night.

STAY ALERT Distractions are dangerous for pedestrians, too. Don't look at your phone or wear headphones while you're crossing the street. Be aware of engine sounds, the beeping of trucks backing up, and other traffic noises. Also: Stay sober. Even if you're on foot, safety risks do increase when your reflexes are impaired.

FOLLOW THE RULES Crosswalks exist for a reason. Use them crossing the street at designated locations. Obey traffic signals, but don't rely on them exlusively. Walk on the sidewalk, not in the bike lane or along the curb. Walk facing traffic if there is no sidewalk.

TEACH CHILDREN WELL The oldest practice still applies: Look left, look right, then look left again before crossing the street. Remind kids to listen to crossing guards and to peer leaders on the AAA School Safety Patrol

-- Josh Sens

Note: Please follow this. I don't want to read about deceased Scouts and Scouters because of forgetting these rules.

Advancement Requirement Updates

As many of you know the requirements for rank advancement have been changed. Inserts are available here: Here is a version you can read
Here is a version to print and fold for the scout's book

Send your Rank Advancement requests to Mrs. Garcia text messages can be sent as long as the message is CC'd to his parents or other adults.

Merit Badge Counselors!

Our latest troop list is now online. For those who would like to be a counselor, fill out an adult application and a Merit Badge Counselor Application. Submit the MBC application to Tim Liston at . For more information, check out the District Advancement page.


BSA Materials Now on Kindle

Wanted: Merit Badge Counselors

Our District is looking for Merit Badge Counselors to counsel badges. If you are a registered leader, there is no additional charge to register as a merit badge counselor. Read more to offer your services.

Troop 460 Celebrates a Long History

In March of 1986, a police officer in Placerville along with some fire fighters in Pleasant Valley started Troop 460 to provide the Scouting program for the Pleasant Valley community. Today, we are still here. Check out our history.